Janitorial Services


How clean is your office, really? Look at your blinds and window sill. Look at the baseboards around the edge of the room. Look at the base of the chairs your prospective clients will sit it. Look at the base of your toilet and, gasp!, behind it. You provide a quality product, don't you? You take time and care to offer superior products and services, and to show that you are the top of your industry. Your office represents your quality.  Or, at least, it should.

We care about the details, and you can feel it. 


Up for giving us a challenge?

We would love to come in the day after your current cleaners and show you what we do that they don't. We will choose an area or two, such as reception or your office or a main bathroom, and after our complimentary clean, will provide you with before and after pictures for you to compare. There's no obligation and no cost for this challenge, so why not see what we can do?


Our regular janitorial/office/industrial clients are provided with:

Regular Cleaning

Quarterly Deep Cleaning 

Regular Carpet Cleaning

The Purchase and Stocking of Paper Supplies 


Our Cell Phone Number 


Want a reference to confirm our claims? Email me at: tarah.lewiscleaning@gmail.com. You won't get a pitch. You won't get roped into some intense sales loop. I'm confident our references will do that for me.